Review: Mr. Parker Is Ready For His Close Up In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #60

by James Ferguson


Peter Parker confronts his trauma in a touching monologue, although we’re still light on answers as we return to the mystery of Kindred. Hope is on the horizon with a huge cliffhanger that could have some dire consequences for the wall-crawler.


Peter Parker has been through quite a lot lately, what with being killed dozens of times by Kindred, the demonic villain that was once his best friend, Harry Osborn. Even with all the things he’s witnessed during his time as Spider-Man, recent events are wreaking havoc with his mental health. Mary Jane has just the solution, putting Peter on the stage to deliver one helluva monologue, letting all his emotions out and dealing with his trauma head-on.

One of the main criticisms I’ve had for Amazing Spider-Man over the past year or so is how writer Nick Spencer has provided no closure for the entire Kindred story. Countless teases and ultraviolence have fallen flat without anything of substance to back it up. Here we get some deeper insight where Spencer once again seems to pull from the feelings of readers searching for answers. Peter exclaims “I don’t understand why you couldn’t just explain it to me, Harry. There’s so much I don’t know.” That sums up my feelings about the book lately.

Spencer delivers a deeply introspective look at Peter and what he’s gone through recently. The characters has always carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, forever trying to make up for the mistake he made early in his super hero career that led to his Uncle Ben’s death. This extends out to his friends and family and that definitely includes Harry. Despite what Harry has done to Peter as Kindred and all the Hell he’s put him through, Spidey still apologizes, like he’s the one in the wrong.

Although Amazing Spider-Man #60 is largely just Peter Parker talking, artist Mark Bagley keeps it interesting. We see the pain and anguish the web-head is going through, especially as he tries to make sense of everything that’s happened recently. This builds steadily until Peter loses it, breaking down in tears in an emotional moment.

Inkers John Dell & Andrew Hennessy make Peter look a little older, accentuating the wrinkles around his eyes and the creases in his brow. This further drives home the trauma he’s been through.

Peter’s monologue builds up to a touching moment where MJ embraces him. Colorist Rachelle Rosenberg highlights this beautifully with a single spotlight above the couple. It shows how it’s the two of them against the world.

The final pages of this issue confirm some of my suspicions as to where this is all going and who is involved. Letterer Joe Caramagna delivers some suitably creepy dialogue here, although I won’t spoil who the words are coming from. Suffice it to say, this could be a big deal, however I’m still a little cautious by the round-about way we’ve gotten here and all the open questions we still have. I am intrigued by the possible ramifications for Spider-Man and what this could mean for those closest to him.

Amazing Spider-Man #60 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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