‘Fruits Basket’ Drops A Trailer For Its Final Season

by Anna Lindwasser

The Fruits Basket 2019 reboot is finally drawing to a close during the Spring 2021 anime season and fans have been anxious to see how it would handle the darker material present in the manga’s finale. While the final season won’t be dropping until April, a new trailer recently appeared that offers some hints about its content.

Though the manga does include some light-hearted content towards the end, the series takes a serious and emotionally painful turn, which the new trailer reflects. The video depicts the escalation of Akito’s villainous behavior, as well as the appearance of Akito’s mother Ren, and her romantic relationship with Shigure.

But while Akito’s development is one of the key elements of the story, it’s only one of storylines. If the finale follows the manga precisely, there’s a lot more story where that came from. How will Yuki’s developing friendships with the Student Council pan out? Will Tohru and Kyo get together? What about Kureno and Arisa? What terrifying events regarding Rin is the trailer hinting at? Will the anime make any tweaks to the backstory of Tohru’s parents to make it more palatable to a modern audience? We’ll have to wait until April to find out.

Are you excited about the upcoming finale?

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