Nickelodeon Announces Launch Of ‘Avatar Studios’ With Co-creators Michael DiMartino And Bryan Konietzko

by Tito W. James

Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have returned to Nickelodeon to launch Avatar Studios. This new division will create original animated series and movies set within the world of Avatar. There are no specifics as to what era or Avatar persona we will be seeing, but an animated theatrical film will begin production this year.

Personally I’d love to see more stories from the past-lives of the various Avatar incarnations. It would also be a blast to see the adventures of Aang and Korra as adult Avatars. The Last Airbender appealed to kids, The Legend of Korra appealed to teens, so why not do a series focusing on adult characters? The Sci-Fi and superhero movies have made PG-13 content pretty mainstream and the Avatar legacy is strong enough that they can afford to take risks.

The Avatar series is a pop-culture phenomenon worthy of Star Wars or Harry Potter (and I think it’s aged better than both). Whatever the future holds I wish the creators the best and trust that they have the courage to push the Avatar world to it’s furthest creative potential.

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