Previewing The Awesome Art Of ‘Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition’ From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Nearly 30 years ago, Jim Lee joined writer Chris Claremont and inker Scott Williams to launch an all-new, all-different X-Men – the classic 1990s “Blue Team” that defined the look and attitude of the X-Men brand for a generation. And now IDW are about to bring out a lovely produced Artist’ Edition featuring 1991’s hyped-up and oversold X-Men #1. As with previous editions this one will present Lee’s artwork at original size from meticulously scanned images.

Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition also includes over 100 additional examples of Lee’s gorgeous original artwork from iconic issues, including covers, splashes, pin-ups, interior pages, and trading cards, as well as a double foldout of all four X-Men #1 connecting covers!

Lee spoke reflectively about his time on this record-breaking comic book:

“This artwork represents a very distinct and hyper-exciting period of my career, when everything was evolving and growing really rapidly. The collected art looks just like the originals, and it’s great to experience it in a handy oversized book. It brings back incredibly fond memories of creating this work, and my love for the characters. I’m happy that the fans love it so much!”

Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition by Jim Lee, Chris Claremont, and Scott Williams will retail at $150.00 US / $195.00 CAN and come in at 160-pages, black-and-white hardcover, 12” x 17″. And out now from IDW

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