After A Promising First Issue Comes A Disappointing And Rushed Conclusion: ‘Generations Forged’ #1 Reviewed

by Olly MacNamee


Generations Forged #1 is a disappointing second half to what would have been if Dan Didio hadn’t been shown the exit at DC Comics. Whatever they did salvage has been hastily slapped together and put out for schmucks like me to grab with my hard earned money.


After the initial giddy glow many DC Comics fans would no doubt have felt from reading Generations Shattered #1, like me you may have found yourself crashing down to Earth with a big bump after readingGenerations Forged #1. A comic book that seems like a rushed affair with Dominus taken down with great ease and poor storytelling.

No doubt this issue will suffer from an easy comparison made with Disney Plus’ WandaVision as Dominus creates an artificial life for him in glorious monotone similar to the sitcom riffing early episodes of WandaVision. But, with this comic probably being planned Well over 12 months go when Dan Didio first launched his fatal 5G plans, I will easily write this up unlucky coincidence. 

On the art front, this issue certainly misses Ivan Reis who brought a certain cache to proceedings and while Mike Perkins, Bryan Hitch and Bernard Chang bring a high quality of art to bear on this book. But, there is a lot more pedestrian art in this issue. Even Chang’s art is not always up to the usual standard I’ve come to expect from him. He relies too much on mid shots and close-ups to get though his portions of this story, But he does deliver the odd moment of brilliance nonetheless. Like I said, it all feels a bit rushed. 

Story wise, Dan Jurgens, Robert Venditti and Adam Schmidt seems to go through the motions as each pair of odd couple super heroes tackle a particular menace in the timeline they find themselves stranded in. Even Starfire and Doctor Light (who’s costume mysteriously changes half way through this issue without anyone addressing it!) taking a trip to a Silver Age Krypton before it has exploded is a humdrum moment rather than the fan baiting scene the writes probably wanted it to be. It’s all very formulaic without anything new to add.

It all leads to the inevitable reunion and the taking down of Dominus. And this is where the writing seems to really get sloppy. He seems to be taken down like some end of level boss form a 90s video game. It just doesn’t feel like a satisfactory ending, given his supposed menace to the know multiverse.

By the end we have yet another update to the DCU, which at least seems in keeping with the recent events of Dark Nights: Death Metal. But, with a few more new added rules that may or may not be picked up by future creators. To be honest, even with this latest edition and new update on the rules of the multiverse, it still feels a bit too loose. But, if nothing else it will be interesting to see who is the first to pick up this particular ball and run with it.

A disappointing follow up to a promising first issue. 

Generations Forged #1 is out now from DC Comics

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