Art For Art’s Sake # 93: The Doctor Will See You Now

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – our weekly celebration of all things comic art, big names, small names, old names, new names… all sharing one thing – art to drool over!

This week, time to kick back and enjoy so much lovely work, capped off with an extended look at Doctor Strange in art from five wonderful artists.

But we begin with a little homage, as Duncan Fegredo gives us his Halo Jones –

Carol Lay

Big Barda by Bruce Timm

Antonio Lapone – such a gorgeous looking line –

Tarzan by Frank Frazetta

Steven Austin commission –

Pander Brothers doing a great looking Catwoman –

Lovely looking Liam Sharp artwork for The Green Lantern –

Love And Rockets #9 – cover by Jaime Hernandez

Lone Ranger by Darwyn Cooke

Art Adams The Thing


The wonder that is Mike McMahon

The first two covers from Shade The Changing Man by Brendan McCarthy, DC Comics, 1990 –

Beautiful double-page spreads from the Batman Black And White tale Weight by JH Williams III, published in Batman Black and White Volume 2, issue 1.

And finally, a little look at Doctor Strange. He’s one of those characters that really has had a bit of a hit and miss career in comics, but through his long history the Doctor has benefitted from some amazing artists…

Obviously, if you’re talking Dr Strange artists, you really have to start off with Steve Ditko, creator of the character…

Unmistakable artwork from P Craig Russell from Doctor Strange – What is it That Disturbs You Stephen? Published 2016, written by Marc Andreyko, colours by Lovern Kindzierski, letters by Galen Showman.

The Doc’s investigations ends up taking a trip to somewhere called the Ditkopolis… nice touch…

Next up, one of my favourites for the Doctor… Kevin Nowlan


And another of my favourites… Paul Smith


And finally, a great Michael Golden Dr Strange portfolio…

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