Something For The Weekend: Another Regular Round Up Of News, Previews And More

by Olly MacNamee

With our new and separate column rounding up all our comic book reviews from the past week, Something for the Weekend now has the space to give you more on comic book news as well as more from TV, film and gaming too. Plus, a little something extra at the end of each week’s column in the form of a music video that has something to do with one of this week’s items. No matter how tenuous the link.

Here then, for another Saturday, is your ten-to-takeaway:

  1. Only launched last weekend, its good to see another new regular column get the attention it deserves. Congratulations to fellow reviewer Koom Kankesan on The Contrarian Collector. A new column in which Koom talks us thorough the fascinating and personal stories behind his original comic book art collection. Starting with a piece from Action Comics #622 here.
  2. Another regular weekend column (we are certainly strengthening our weekend line-up, that’s of sure!) is Ben Martin’s meticulously researched look behind the camera at classic film series in Franchise Expansion (or Implosion). He is currently working his was through the Friday 13th franchise and last weekend he took a look at Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan here. Always intriguing and always something new to learn, it’s a great long read that goes the extra mile every time. Essential reading for any film buffs out there.
  3. A third regular column here on is James W Tito’s Listen To My Art podcasts which he posts regularly. The most recent episode has Brandon Graham being interviewed about his new Image Comics series, Rain Like Hammers. You can listen to it here.
  4. Something I am quite proud of here is the amount of interviews we tend to feature. And this week I brought you an interview with Hollywood concept artist and comic book creator, Ricardo Delgado who is putting a new spin on an old classic. His reimagine of the Dracula mythos in Dracula of Transylvania is on Kickstarter now and you can read more about this campaign and his expansion of Bram Stoker’s Gothic classic here.
  5. A further regular column to make it back onto the list is Richard Bruton’s weekly preview of the galaxy’s greatest weekly, 2000AD here. Looks like the efforts we’re all putting into more regular columns with a specific voice continues to pay off. Like I’ve said before, we may be a small site, but we have big ideas!
  6. One last regular column to include. For a good time now the good people at Dynamite Comics have been passing along writer’s commentaries on their various comic books. This week Tom Sniegoski talked us through the creative process behind Vengeance of Vampirella #14 here.
  7. We tend to cover quite a lot of gaming news, but Square-Enix’s announcement for Project Triangle Strategy on the Nintendo Switch beat all others hands; down this week. Sage Ashford gave us the news here.
  8. Although, there was a good amount of interest in Dan Hibiki coming to Street Fighter V: Champions Edition. Brought to you by Sage Ashford here.
  9. The news that AWA Studios and Simon & Schuster have struck up a distribution deal that will see more AWA Upshot collections coming to book stores was reported on here.
  10. And finally, before our regular music interlude, EiC Erik Amaya brought us news that Disney + was to create a Disney Magic Kingdom Universe with Ron Moore at the helm here.

Now for those top tunes. And with the Netflix documentary on the Notorious B.I.G. debuting this month, here’s his seminal LP Ready to Die:



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