Advance Review: Enter The Faunus In ‘RWBY: The Official Manga – Volume 2’

by James Ferguson


The world of RWBY continues to expand with the introduction of the Faunus and the mysterious White Fang organization. The young adult series explores some valuable themes about friendship and not judging a book by its cover.


The world of RWBY continues in the next volume of the manga based on the Rooster Teeth series from Monty Oum. As the new students of Beacon Academy get settled into their group and surroundings, they encounter a beings that are part animal called Faunus. They’ll have to use their considerable skills to keep these creatures at bay while still learning how to work together as a team.

RWBY is still very much in the early growth phase with this volume. The characters were basically thrown together and they’re still figuring each other out. A perfect example of this comes when we learn more about Blake and her connection to the mysterious organization of Faunus called the White Fang. You can judge a book by its cover and immediately jump to a conclusion about Blake just because she has cat ears, but that isn’t being fair at all.

Writer / artist Bunta Kinami explores some great themes in this volume surrounding friendship and judgment. Blake takes most of the spotlight as we learn more about her past and what makes her tick. The quieter scenes reveal quite a lot, leading to some epic battles that have much more impact since Kinami did the due diligence to invest within the character’s life.

That friendship angle comes into play when Ruby meets a strange girl in town. Anyone else would have been put off by this girl’s odd behavior, but Ruby spends a few moments befriending her. She understands how she feels as she’s been in a similar position recently too. This also contributes to the big finale of this volume as the newcomer has a part to play.

Much of this volume consists of people having some deep conversations which could come across as dry or boring, however Kinami keeps things interesting with a variety of angles and layouts. We see all kinds of perspectives on the scenes and never see the same shot twice.

Kinami’s pencils are light, creating a lithe kind of movement that especially comes into play in the big battle to close out this book. The characters move with grace and strike with power. It’s a nice combination.

While I’m still not exactly the target audience for RWBY, I’m finding quite a lot to enjoy about the book and this fascinating world. It presents some great lessons that are valuable at any age. The sudden introduction to the Faunus and an entire caste system was a little abrupt, however it’s clear this world is still getting fleshed out so I’m curious where this is going next.

RWBY: The Official Manga – Volume 2: The Beacon Arc is set for release on March 16th, 2021. It is currently available for pre-order at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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