JG Jones Debuts New ‘Vampirella’ Comic Cover As He Continues Cancer Recovery

by Erik Amaya

Although celebrated artist JG Jones is still recovering from cancer and a stem cell transplant, he revealed a new variant cover for a special issue of Dynamite’s Vampirella on Monday. The variant cover will be made available via Indiegogo and all profits will go to helping Jones with his recovery.

“I’ve loved the Vampirella character since I was a kid, so when Dynamite asked me to paint a special cover for this classic horror icon, I couldn’t wait to get started,” Jones said in a statement.

The cover also evokes the style look of Warren magazine-era Vampirella. To do so, Jones started with a watercolor sketch and then executed the final version in lush oil paint. “Inspired by the Vampirella covers of [Manuel] Sanjulian, this one-of-a-kind cover will depict will depict her in classic style, as she breaks free from the chains that bind her,” Jones said.

Inside its pages, the special comic will reprint stories from Vampirella #19 and #20 by T. Casey Brennan and artist Jose Gonzalez. It will also include what Dynamite calls a “rare editorial feature” on the behind the scenes origins of the Daughter of Drakulon.

In 2009 Jones was diagnosed with polycythemia vera, a rare type of blood cancer also known as a myeloproliferative disorder. After dealing with extreme fatigue and occasionally falling asleep at the drawing table, he sought out answers. Jones learned the condition results in mutations in bone marrow stem cells and can affect the production and status of red and white blood cells. An estimated 200,000 people in the United States deal with this challenging condition. And like many rare or chronic diseases with unclear symptoms, it is a widely misunderstood and misdiagnosed disease.

“JG is one of the most talented creators this industry has ever had. He is also one of the nicest people the industry has ever had. Hands down on both accounts,” added Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci. “We’ve been creating these limited edition variant covers to help artists generate extra money during the pandemic, as there are no conventions. With JG’s continuing to recover and going two years with sporadic work, we want to help and give him all of the profits of the variant cover. He has given a lot to the industry, and this is our way of showing the industry giving back.”

As with all Dynamite Indiegogo campaigns, a variety of bundles and special incentives are available. Head over to the campaign page for more information.

Erik Amaya

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