Matt Kindt And Tony Millionaire Create ‘Rocks & Minerals’ For Bad Idea’s ‘Whalesville’

by Olly MacNamee

For any selected stores getting Bad Idea comics, you may want to read the new that Whalesville, which we previously looked at here, will come with a back-up strip, or ‘B-Side’ as Bad Idea are keen for us to term these additional strips.

As well as writing Whaleville, Matt Kindt also provides the script to Rocks & Minerals which will be illustrated by Tony Millionaire and coloured by James Campbell. But rather than look at Whaleville as a comic book with an additional story, Bad Idea humorously  call it a “merger” an I can dig that. Like a split LP by your two favourite bands, to stretch out their own analogy to its logical conclusion.

Rocks & Minerals will take Whaleville to 72 pages and still ad free for $9.99. Look out for the first issue on Wednesday May 5th, but enjoy our first look at the newly announced strip below:

“Matt Kindt’s highly developed brain musculature joins forces with multiple Eisner Award-winning living legend, Tony Millionaire, and the color stylings of James Campbell, for a tale of friendship and adventure in the far future.

In the time after the Great Polishing, organic life is no more.  Earth is ruled by highly evolved rubble, rocks and minerals. They walk. They talk. They are free. But their age is just beginning and the world is still a largely unknown and very scary place. When the Rock Queen’s daughter and her two best friends venture into the forbidden unpolished zone, they find the world mankind left behind and meet what they think is a very quiet new green rock. To their surprise it sprouts a head, four legs and a very loud voice. This is no rock. This is Elpis the turtle, and she needs help getting back to her pond in time to lay her eggs. But what is a pond? For that matter, what’s a turtle? The three friends must venture further into the unknown to help Elpis to unravel a secret the Queen herself has fought to keep from her people. A tale of high adventure in the second stone age!

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