Ryan Prepares For A Showdown With Alice In A Look At The Next ‘Batwoman’

by Erik Amaya

As is customary at this point in a CW programs’s season, Batwoman is taking a one week break. But when it returns, a kryptonite-addled Ryan (Javicia Leslie) gets ready to take down Alice (Rachel Skarsten) once and for all. Will she actually do the one thing Kate could not or will it lead to another Alice team-up with someone who would much rather see her dead?

Strangely, this means the next episode will be closer to the climax we expected for this week. And maybe because we expected something a little more dramatic, this episode was kind of a dud? Key information was still learned, of course, like Mary’s (Nicole Kang) mother authorizing some pretty experimental surgery over at Hamilton Dynamics. We hope that continues to be a runner and Mary gets to help with that. If it becomes another dead end story idea for Jacob (Dougray Scott), we’ll be quite sad.

We’ll be honest, Jacob suffers the most from the show’s new dynamic because, from Ryan’s point of view, all Crows are bastards. The show was even toying with that idea when Kate was still around, but as long as he runs them, the show will not commit to the Crows being full-on antagonists. Also, because of all the secrets his daughters kept from him, he is always reacting to things and, well, the character deserves better. Then again, the show might be better served if he went away and the Crows went full-on baddy.

Meanwhile, we’re glad Ryan finally told Luke (Camrus Johnson) off for being so pigheaded. And now that it’s led to Ryan’s kryptonite poisoning, we hope he helps her more in the future. Ryan’s definitely earned the backup.

But those are things to consider for the next two weeks while Batwoman takes a short hiatus.

Erik Amaya

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