Preview: A Partnership That Bridges Life And Death In ‘Dame From The Dark’

by Brendan M. Allen

TKO Studios presents a preview of its mash-up of crime, comedy, and horror, the newest entry in their TKO Shorts comic series, Dame From The Dark. From writer Rob Pilkington and artist Kit Mills. Sequential, noir fiends won’t want to miss this tale primed to expand its secrets beyond this ‘spirited’ debut!

‘Dame from the Dark features the prickly partnership between a small-time crook and the ghost of a plucky starlet from Hollywood’s golden age as they pose as detectives for quick cash. When they brave Los Angeles’ swanky “Magic Manor” to find a young runaway, the duo learns she’s a timid stage assistant trapped under the thumb of an abusive magician—and may need to apply some supernatural misdirection to help her escape.’

Rob Pilkington says

This story grew from a lonely, weird idea about moving to LA into something totally striking and original—and funny—thanks to what Kit can do. I loved writing the dynamic between our two would-be detectives and am so excited we got to work with TKO Studios to introduce people to Eva and Tommy.

Dame From The Dark is now available for purchase through the TKO Studios site. Check out the preview pages below.

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