Hot Toys Announce Two’WandaVision’ Figures On Their Way

by Gary Catig

Hot Toys always tries to develop awesome collectibles featuring the most popular franchises in current pop culture. In the past, they’ve developed items from Spider-Man: Miles Morales and The Mandalorian. Their latest announced items tap into one of the most buzzworthy TV shows of 2021 and another Disney+ series.

They have unveiled two new figures as they appear in the hit Marvel series, WandaVision. Both will be 1/6 scale. The first is Wanda Maximoff in her Scarlett Witch outfit. Additional details will be revealed later but you can RSVP here to find out more about her.

The other figure is the second half from the title of the show. There will be an all-new Vision inspired by his appearance in the Disney+ show. RSVP here to learn more about this member of the Avengers.

Are you interested in either of these figures or are you holding out for an Agatha Harkness one? After all, it was “Agatha All Along”.

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