Review: Fear Returns To Gotham In ‘Batman’ #106

by Tony Thornley

Bruce Wayne spent the better part of the past year contending with an attack unlike any other from his greatest foes. It gutted him and his entire operation. In Batman #106, we start to see a little bit of what that new status quo means for the Batman.

Gotham has been darker. The villains have been worse. But the Batman hasn’t been quite so tight in his battles against them, as James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles show us.

The Scarecrow has taken Gotham in his grip, but the city doesn’t know it yet. However, Bruce Wayne continues his fight as the odds are stacked against him. The Magistrate, the Mayor, everything is about to come crumbling down.

Everything up to this issue feels like a prelude. Tynion gives us a cleaner Batman, more determined, with a lot less baggage. Gotham on the other hand, feels dangerous and more tense. There’s a lot conveyed through the dialogue, and the script makes sure that we see it, rather than just have Batman and Oracle tell us about it. Every character in the story gets a moment to shine as well, not just as costumes but as people. They each feel fully fleshed out with a specific role in the story.

Jimenez and Morey create one of the most stunning comics on the stands easily with this issue. If Batman going monthly means ten to twelve issues of art by this team, it’s only a good thing. Their Gotham is full of neon and reflective surfaces, with designs that are reminiscent of cyberpunk without actually crossing that line. Each splash page tells a story on its own as well, with one in particular sticking out as a page that will be referenced for years to come.

Simply, it’s the best looking Batman issue in years, and I’m going to be sticking around based on this art alone.

Tynion has finally made a Batman fan out of this longtime reader, while the art team is simply doing some of the best work in superhero comics today. It’s an exciting time to be a Bat-fan, and I can’t wait for more.

Batman #106 is available now from DC Comics.


The Dark Knight returns to the present day in an issue that’s an exciting story AND an artistic powerhouse.

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