Review: ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ #3 Reveals A Cosmic Horror

by Tony Thornley

The newly revealed High Republic of Star Wars is still unfolding to fans and readers. In Star Wars: The High Republic #3, we learn that this golden age has a lot more dark and evil under the surface that anyone might have expected. 

Cover by Phil Noto

As this story hits its midpoint, the monstrous evil at its core stands revealed, but there might be something even more insidious at play as well. It comes to us from Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, Annalisa Leoni, and Ariana Maher.

Jedi Kriss, Keeve, Sskeer, and Terec are desperate to find their missing ally, Ceret. However, the small colony of Sedri Minor is hiding a dangerous secret. It’s not a race against time for the Jedi to stop it before it spreads off-planet, and into the heart of one of our heroes…

Though the issue starts kind of rough, it continues the series’ strong run. The slight time jump that starts the issue is jarring, and did feel like I had missed something. However, after that, it quickly shifts into a tense horror story, centered on Keeve as she tries to find Ceret. Her confidence comes through and drives the story, even as Scott adds an ever present feeling of dread. It continues to cement Keeve as one of the most compelling new Star Wars protagonists, with the potential to be the next Ahsoka.

Anindito and Morales’ line work is strong through most of the issue. They do a great job of building up the tension, with layouts, page composition, and even camera angles all playing a big part. It all comes together to put our heroes in a horrific position. There are a few pages though where they slip into a style that’s strangely cartoony compared to the rest issue, which sticks out as you read, but overall it’s another strong issue. Leoni’s colors are another big part of why it all works, with her work on the lighting and the shift in color tones creating a feeling of unease.

Despite some flaws, the issue continues with the series’ great quality to date. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Star Wars: The High Republic #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.


The issue tells a tense horror story, while forging the legend of Keeve Trennis, one of the most exciting new characters in Star Wars canon. It’s a can’t miss for Star Wars fans!

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