General Lane Interferes With The Kents On Next Week’s ‘Superman & Lois’

by Erik Amaya

One interesting quirk embedded in Superman & Lois is General Sam Lane’s (Dylan Walsh) apparent dependence on Clark (Tyler Hoechlin). Considering his various comic book portrayals, we can only imagine this General Lane eventually saw him as an asset and rationalized Lois’s (Elizabeth Tulloch) relationship with Superman as a device he could use to get the hero to do missions for the US government. In any way it happened, though, it is clear the General is unhappy about Clark’s focus on the boys of late. And as seen in this preview for next week’s episode, it will boil over with Sam confronting Clark, Lois, and the twins.

Despite the drama seemingly headed their way next week, we imagine the boys will stand firm against the General. Then again, maybe Jordan (Alex Garfin) will break ranks and side with him. Jordan joined the football team after all, so anything is possible. In fact, Jonathan’s (Jordan Elsass) support of his brother was also a surprise, even if it will lead to more angst down the road. For the moment, though, it went a long way to establishing him as a person with a good heart. Consider how self-centered Jonathan has been about anything to do with football thus far, and it is clear to see how big of a step this was. It would be interesting to see if there is some sort of role reversal later on with Jordan becoming a star player and Jonathan finding some other passion.

Or, maybe, Jordan’s powers will grow too strong for him to play ball.

Meanwhile, we’re loving Lois’s investigation into Morgan Edge. At the moment, it is a more compelling runner than The Stranger with its metahumans working for the developer, ravaged small towns still recovering from Edge’s “investments,” and what appears to be allies of Kryptonian origin doing his bidding(?) Last week, we noted Lois went out of her way to mention the mine in New Carthage. What is Edge drilling for? Our first thought was Kryptonite, but with The Stranger (Wolé Parks) scanning the world and coming up dry, there must be some other precious item the businessman wants.

If the show stays on course with episodes like this — and making Clark a more charming, human presence who cleans up smaller scale trouble instead of Big Bads — we’ll be happy with the show. That said, this state of affairs may only work the one season. But with performances from the main cast, like Emmanuelle Chriqui and Inde Navarrette as Lana and Sarah, it will be a strong debut story.

In fact, if things keep going with Sarah and Jordan they way they seem to be, she might even break the curse of the First Season Arrowverse love interest.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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