Image Collect The Cult Comic Strips Of Shaky Kane And Kent Able In ‘Kane & Able’ This June

by Olly MacNamee

Cult comic book creators Shaky Kane (The Beef) and Krent Able (Vice), are producing an anthology of never-before-published comic strips in a new graphic novel under the clever title, Kane and Able

And who better to sell this genre-busting, groove ride of a graphic novel than one of the kooky creators themselves, Skay Kane himself:

This one had to happen! In the tradition of Godzilla and Kong, and Siegfried and Roy. Kane and Able have finally teamed up to ride the Action Park white-knuckle-head flume of comic book kulture! Only a book this big could do it justice!

A cross between the punky, West Coast hotrod art of Coop and old school comic book four-colour art of the Silver Age, this new collection promises to be something very different from your usual books. Kinda like a funky fanzine for mature readers:

“Readers will slip in and out of subconsciousness with the “Astonishing Shield Bug”, surf the Fleshwave with Black Fur in “Who Fears The Deathroach?”, journey into the sub-basement in the gasoline-tinged “Dustmites,” and ride into the Creepzone with Nightmare and Sleepy in the aptly named “Creepzone”!”

Kane and Able original graphic novel will be available in comic book stores on Wednesday, June 23rd and in bookstores on Tuesday, June 29th. It can alos be pre-ordered at your local comic book shop or independent bookstore via Bookshop or IndieBound, or it can be pre-ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Indigo.

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