‘Count’: Previewing Ibrahim Moustafa’s Sci-Fi Adaption Of ‘The Count Of Monte Cristo’ Graphic Novel

by Olly MacNamee

Written and illustrated by Ibrahim Moustafa

“COUNT follows the adventures of one Redxan Samud. Framed for treason and wrongfully imprisoned at the hands of a jealous and corrupt magistrate, Samud escapes his breathtaking hover-prison with only one thing on his mind: revenge. Samud sets out to dismantle the lives of those who have wronged him, disguised as a Man of Status with a newfound fortune at his disposal and his Automaton Retainer Unit (Aru) by his side. But as collateral damage accumulates, Samud is caught between using his new fortune for the good of the people or pursuing the revenge he so desperately desires.”

Count is available in bookstores on Tuesday 16th March and in comic stores Wednesday 17th March from Humanoids

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