Pushing It To The Limit: Previewing ‘The Trials Of Ultraman’ #1

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Art Adams
Written by Kyle Higgins, Mat Groom
Art by Francesco Manna, Eduardo Ferigato, Gurihiru
“Ultraman narrowly averted a catastrophe decades in the making. The world was saved – but, also, forever changed. Now…come the consequences. Much of the populace regard their defenders with suspicion. Enemies hide in plain sight, and even those closest to Shin Hayata don’t necessarily have faith in the Giant of Light. But at last, a long-thought-lost comrade has mysteriously returned! That’s a good thing…right? The RISE is over. The training wheels are off, and the stakes have never been higher. THE TRIALS OF ULTRAMAN begin here!”
The Trials of Ultraman #1 (of 5) is out Wednesday 17th March from Marvel

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