Art For Art’s Sake # 95: McKean Magic

by Richard Bruton

And we’re back again with another weekly wonder of all things gorgeous in the comic art world with Art For Art’s Sake

Let’s open with a truly beautiful Charles Schulz cover…

Arkhamaniacs cover by Art Baltazar

Babs Tarr – America Chavez

Fred Hembeck – Batman & Spidey together

Bruce Timm

Felix Meynet – Corto Maltese and the Dragon Lady

Faith Erin Hicks – her new book, Ride On, is out in 2022 – horses and Star Trek!

Jimmy Gownley7 Good Reasons Not To Grow Up

John Cassaday – Black Widow

Kris Anka

Larry Hama – ad for Marvel’s Bizarre Adventures

Marc Hempel – a Delerium work in progress

Mike McKone – Nick Fury

Jimbo Salgado – Spidey

Zatanna by Chris Bachalo

And finally, we’re going to take out usual longer look at one artist and this week it’s the brilliance of Dave McKean

Beginning with Ideas…

A Joker piece for the 1988 UK Comic Art Convention (UKCAC) booklet…

Black Orchid

Swamp Thing #71

Violent Cases

Arkham Asylum

Judge Dredd –

James Bond covers –

And of course… Morpheus, the Sandman…

And those Sandman covers really were something special – McKean making huge 3D models and photographing them… here’s the cover of issue #1

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