Kingsley Ben-Adir To Join Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’

by Erik Amaya

The Skrull forces are beginning to emerge for Secret Invasion.

Deadline reports Kingsley Ben-Adir will play the lead villain in Marvel Studios’ upcoming series for Disney+. The program will star Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as returning friendly Skrull Talos in a story Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said is too epic for a single film.

Presumably, the series will reveal how a detachment of hostile Skrulls worked its way into every facet of human society — and idea cribbed directly from Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion event storyline. That series also saw a number of a prominent superheroes replaced by Skrulls, allowing individual creative teams to execute do-overs on a number of characters; although fans of Spider-Woman were disappointed by the retcon concerning their favorite character. It remains to be seen if any of the MCU heroes will turn out to be Skrulls.

It is also unclear if Fury’s space armada — teased in Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s post-credit stinger — is directly tied to Secret Invasion or some other threat the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director hopes to combat. In either case, it will likely set off Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the studio’s television efforts are scheduled to air at a much quicker rate than its feature film cousins. Consequently, Secret Invasion will likely stream on Disney+ at the tail end of 2022.

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