Review: A Haunting In Krakoa In ‘X-Factor’ #8

by Tony Thornley

With the amount of death X-Factor has surrounded itself with, the team was bound to experience a haunting. However, no one expected a vengeful god to come with it…

Cover by Ivan Shavrin

X-Factor is dead. The Boneyard’s haunted. The Morrigan has come to Krakoa. The only thing that stands in its way is the team’s youngest members, in this horror tale from Leah Williams, David Baldeon, Israel Silva, and Joe Caramagna.

Last issue, Daken discovered every member of his team outside of Prodigy and Eye Boy were dead. Now the trio of X-Men have one shot at escape before the death goddess Morrigan tears them limb from limb. And if they do escape, will a resurrected X-Factor be enough to stop the malevolent being possessing Siryn?!

Williams continues her string of hits, with what’s easily the best book of the X-Men line right now. The first half of the issue is tense and haunting. With all the work Williams has put into building up her cast, the readers are invested as we step into the horror (picking up about twenty minutes before last issue’s cliffhanger), and she makes sure not to let up. This issue gives Daken another chance to shine, and he continues to be the team’s breakout star as he sacrifices himself for David and Trevor.

Even better is Williams’ use of the resurrection machine and the Five to tell the story. Though the danger of death doesn’t quite loom over the story, it adds a layer of motivation for the characters. Each of them have to grapple with the situation at large as well as the fact the Morrigan just murdered each of them. It’s a great use to the new storytelling tools that this era of X-Men has given its creators.

Baldeon’s work is strong on the character side, but some issues pop up on the storytelling side of the issue. In the first half, he builds a lot of tension in how he lays out the page, using long and tall panels to force the reader to linger in the story’s most difficult moments. However, as the issue continues, the layouts get more and more chaotic, making moments in the story difficult to follow. However, Silva’s colors are strong throughout and give the entire issue a strong visual throughline.

After this issue, we’ve seen that X-Factor can be anything. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

X-Factor #8 is available now from Marvel Comics.


X-Factor goes horror as the writing gets super spooky but the art struggles to convey what its going for.

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