A Few Quick Thoughts On ComiXology’s ‘Snow Angels’ #1 And #2

by Rachel Bellwoar


A wintery series filled with dread, Snow Angels brings Jeff Lemire (Gideon Falls) and Jock (Wytches) together for the first time.


The Thicket. The Village. The Trench. “The” is quite the popular definite article in Jeff Lemire and Jock’s new series, Snow Angels, but it’s not because the characters aren’t big on names. It’s because they’re singular. For Milli and her little sister, Mae Mae, there’s never been a time when they haven’t lived in the Trench, a wintery passageway that goes on forever and no one is allowed to leave. Allegedly that’s because if anyone tried to climb out they would be killed by the strong winds, but Milli and Mae Mae have to trust their Pa. Readers don’t.

When the series begins it’s Milli’s birthday and Pa has taken her and Mae Mae on a special hunting trip. Milli is the narrator but it’s very similar to the narration that opens every episode of TNT’s Snowpiercer, another wintery series – cold, formal, scientific. Since Milli was a kid she’s been told stories about the Snowman, the Trench’s very own boogeyman, but what if the Snowman’s real and someone’s made him angry?

For an artist, you’d think a series like Snow Angels could get tiresome. Snow as far as the eye can see. Little variation. What that means in terms of color, though, is any change in scenery feels extremely bold, something Jock uses at pivotal moments. There’s also a difference between what readers are allowed to see and what Milli can see from within the Trench. Occasionally Jock lets readers have a bird’s eye view, and it feels very invasive.

The mythology Lemire is laying out is fascinating, especially the stuff involving religion, which issue two delves into more. Steve Wands is the letterer and because there’s so much white, the speech bubbles add to the oppressiveness of the environment.

Snow Angels #1 is available now on ComiXology. The second issue comes out Tuesday March 16th.

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