Queen Shuri Is Front And Center In The Latest ‘Marvel Realm of Champions’ Update

by Gary Catig

Marvel Realm of Champions just received its second update following the addition of new Pyramid X and House of Iron Champions content. The story continues and the latest chapter over the planetary Battleworld conflict places Queen Shuri and her Kingdom of Wakanda to the forefront. The powerful baron sends her Black Panthers to retrieve vibranium stockpiles stolen by the other Houses. More details can be found here.

Other new content include:

  • The new Black Panther Gear Set – Wakandan Scientist – can be collected by players
  • New Weapon Variants for Black Panther’s Claw and Spear weapons can now be collected.
    • In addition, Weapon Variant Passive bonuses are now live for players eager to further specialize their favorite weapons with additional bonuses
  • Players now have a ‘Vibranium’ single slot gear for their other Champions
  • The ‘Pleasant Hill’ Arena themed after the Patriot Garrison House is now unlocked

Marvel Realm of Champions can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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