‘Identity Stunt’ Returns For More ’80s Style Action This Week

by James Ferguson

After being falsely accused of being a vigilante hero, Sami “Sam” Nasser is putting his life back together…just in time to have it torn apart again. The former stuntman’s story continues this week in Identity Stunt 2 from Markosia Enterprises. The four-issue mini-series from writer Joe R. Khachadourian, artist J.C. Grande, colorist Patrik Mock, and letterer Michael Hoffert, picks up six months after the first series as a mysterious scourge from Sami’s past makes their diabolical return ready to drag the poor guy, his family, and his city to their knees.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be playing with these toys again,” said series creator and writer Joe R. Khachadourian. “And I cannot wait for you all to dive back in head-first and witness the bonkers adventure that we have in store for you!”

J. Briscoe Allison and Kyler Clodfelter contributed covers for Identity Stunt 2.

Khachadourian adds, “The killer new art team and I have been hard at work on this new volume since — literally — just days after wrapping up Volume 1. We’ve kicked up the action and the stakes a few notches, hoping to give you the same break-neck feeling as a gut-punch from Steve James!”

Identity Stunt 2 #1 is available now on ComiXology. A print release is planned for April.

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