Learn To Letter With ‘The Essential Guide To Comic Book Lettering’ From Nate Piekos And Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Ringo and Eagle award winning letterer and founder of Blambot.comNate Piekos, shares his experiences, insights and skills of comic book lettering in the upcoming new book The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering, from Image Comics.

“Piekos provides readers with the most in-depth tips and techniques ever published on the subject of digital comic book lettering in this exhaustive guide. He covers everything from creating lettering templates, emotive dialogue, and dynamic sound effects to developing design skills and building a lettering career in the comic industry.”

And if anyone can give any novices out there some help, it’s Piekos, who’s worked with the likes of Marvel, DC Comics,Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics and much more.

“For years I’ve posted lettering tips and design theory on social media, and one of the most frequently asked follow-up questions I receive is, ‘Have you ever thought about writing a book about this?’ Since well-executed lettering is an often overlooked part of the comics reading experience, very few people realize just how much graphic design skill is required to do the job well. I felt like it was past time to write an exhaustive guide on the art of digital comic book lettering for all those who are interested. It’s a ‘deep dive’ on the subject that aspiring letterers have been craving.” – Nate Piekos

If you’re a budding letterer, or would love to know more about this oft-looked over craft, then you might want to pick up a copy of The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering trade paperback  when it’s ou on Wednesday, October 20th and in bookstores on Tuesday, October 26th.

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