Marvel Studios Reportedly Developing ‘Echo’ Series For Disney+

by Erik Amaya

Long ago, former Marvel Television chief Jeph Loeb told us part of the problem with keeping his shows connected with the Marvel Studios movies was the pace of each format. In the time it takes to write, shoot, and finish a film, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has already told two multiple movies’ worth of story across two or three season of television. It was, consequently, difficult to map out any sort of crossover at those differing speeds. But it seems Marvel Studios has found a way to combat that: make lots and lots of shows.

Variety reports the studio, which completely took over television development from Marvel Television in 2019, is in the early steps to spin off Alaqua Cox‘s Echo character from the upcoming Hawkeye TV series into her own Echo program. Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen are said to be attached as executive producers and principal writers.

Created by David Mack and Joe Quesada, Echo is Maya Lopez, a young woman who can exactly copy another person’s fighting style — a la Taskmaster. Curiously, her power is described an innate ability as opposed to a mutation or augmentation by other means. Initially a Daredevil adversary (and lover, because its Daredevil) she began to roam the wider Marvel Comics world as Ronin in 2005. And considering Hawkeye also used that identity after he returned from the grave (long story), the connection between them for the Hawkeye television series seems more obvious.

Also, considering how intertwined her story is with Matt Murdoch’s, we can’t help but wonder if…

In the meantime, Cox will debut as echo on Hawkeye, which may actually appear this year as Marvel ramps up its television slate. Echo is the 13th Marvel program in the works for Disney+ as both studio and platform seem eager to have a constant Marvel presence each week. And with so many series cycling in and out, moving those characters on to the film landscape and back again may be an easier task than the one set before Loeb; who, admittedly, had more than scheduling problems to deal with.

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