Advance Review: ‘Miskatonic’ #5 Leaves Mystery And Horror In Its Wake

by Benjamin Hall


Agent Miranda Keller is close to the end of a long and bizarre investigation in Miskatonic Valley. Yet, when face to face with a final eldritch horror will she come away the same?


The cover is by artist Jeremy Haun and colorist Nick Filardi. Haun creates a wonderfully epic design that really embraces this series’s eldritch premise. While Filardi elevates the art using mostly blacks and greens, plus some yellow. Unfortunately the logo by designer/letterer Dave Sharpe feels somewhat obtrusive on this issue’s cover. Though the same feels true of the rest of the cover’s text. Yet, this is simply due to how epic the art looks.

Miskatonic (2021) #5 cover art by Jeremy Haun, and Nick Filardi,

Sharpe also provides the interior lettering, which is conspicuous in small ways. Mainly when emphasizing words, and one notable bit of maniacal laughter. With laughter being mostly notable for breaking out of both a word balloon and its respective panel. Also of note is that certain bits of text could possibly look more menacing. Otherwise Sharpe does a good job at elevating the dialogue.

The interior visuals are by artist Giorgio Pontrelli and colorist Pippa Bowland. Pontrelli creates some suitable sequencing to this final issue. It is both frenetic (due to the differing settings) and standard (due to the characterizations). Though Pontrelli does have some failings when it comes to facial features he provides plenty of believable designs. While colorist Pippa Bowland does a nice job with coloring her palette selection is not striking. Yet, she does provide a consistent look that anchors the more frenetic moments. It is even arguable that without Bowland coloring this issue the way she does that it would be an extremely jarring read.

Writer Mark Sable creates a great supplemental text page that could give some readers a sense of closure. While others may simply get a different perspective on both the issue and/or the series. As for the narrative one can easily argue that Sable rushes to a conclusion. With this conclusion being one that also leaves many questions some readers may find it a terrible one. Yet, there are seeds of possible sequels and prequels that one can find throughout this issue. In fact these seeds actually affect the characterization Sable supplies via his writing. Thus I would argue that it is a relatively okay ending.

Aftershock Comics releases Miskatonic #5 on Wednesday  March 24, 2021.

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