Cary Fukunaga To Helm ‘Tokyo Ghost’ Adaptation

by Erik Amaya

Tokyo Ghost has found the perfect filmmaker to helm an adaptation: Cary Fukunaga.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the No Time To Die director will make the film for Legendary Entertainment, who optioned the rights to the Image Comic sometime ago. Based on the series by Rick Remender and Sean Murphy, the film will take place in a 2089 where humanity uses technology as an escape from reality — moreso even than now. Within that landscape, Debbie Decay and Led Dent, two peacekeepers working on the Isles of Los Angeles, are sent on a mission to the last tech-free zone on Earth: the garden nation of Tokyo.

Remender will write the first draft. Fukunaga will produce alongside Hayden Lautenbach and Jon Silk. As with all newly announced productions, it is unclear when it will go into production or see release. As it happens, Fukunaga’s most recent film, No Time to Die, has seen its release postponed eighteen months (and counting) because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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