Marvel’s First Foray Into The Xenoverse Sells Out, Goes To Reprint

by Brendan M. Allen

Marvel Comics’ foray into the Xenoverse hit shelves this past Wednesday March 24th. Alien #1, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by  Salvador Larocca, attempts to explore never-before-seen corners of the Alien universe. After selling over 300,000 copies, Marvel Comics has announced that the debut issue will be returning to comic shops on April 28th with a second printing, complete with a new cover by series artist Salvador Larocca.

“Anyone who looks for it in my earlier horror work will see the influence of the first two Alien films, but I don’t know if Marvel quite understood my love for the franchise when they gave me that call,” Johnson told SYFY Wire. “I can definitively promise readers that they’re getting stories written by the biggest Alien fan imaginable, and that I’ll always have more stories to tell as long as they want me on the book.”

Check out Larocca’s cover below.

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