WonderCon@Home 2021: ‘Black’s Myth’, Melville Snelson And More From Ahoy Comics

by Gary Catig

The folks at Ahoy Comics like to think of their issues more as magazines. Afterall, there are various prose and illustrated back matter at the end and this added content led to their tagline of #ExpectMore. On the second day of WonderCon@Home, they had their own panel moderated by Stuart Moore with guests Tom Peyer, Mark Russell, Eric Palicki, Paul Constant, Liana Kangas, and Sarah Litt.

Peyer and Jamal Igle’s The Wrong Earth is in the middle of its second series currently but Peyer does intend to return to this world in the future once The Wrong Earth: Night and Day ends. Also, his Penultiman series with Alan Robinson will be collected into a trade paperback this May.

Russell spoke about two books: Second Coming and Billionaire Island. For the former, the writer has thought ahead for four more arcs he could do depending on the title’s success. He also has idea in the next chapter of the latter but isn’t quite ready to begin working on it yet.

One of the newly announced series is Black’s Myth, from Palicki. Litt serves as the editor and Kangas will be doing covers. It is a new horror series about an LA private detective hired to find 30 stolen bullets that may have been cast from the silver paid to Judas. Strummer Mercado is the protagonist and she delves into the supernatural seedy underbelly of Los Angeles and finds herself being pulled back into the life she tried to walk away from. Palicki describes it as if The Maltese Falcon starred Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Wendell Cavalcanti will be providing the interior art.

The other new series will feature Melville Snelson, who appeared in back-up stories in Hashtag: Danger. Snelson is a stand-up comedian who almost made it and when he shot his first pilot, he failed miserably. He’s a middle-aged white dude who’s been cancelled and is struggling with that. He flirts with the alt-right and is a satire of the Comicsgate yahoos who are mediocre white men that blame the world for their failures rather than get better at their job. It will cover the falsehoods of cancel culture and make fun of podcasting. Constant will write with Fred Harper back on art.

Looks like in the future, Ahoy has a good mix of familiar and returning stories with something entirely new. Black’s Myth will be their first horror and police procedural title.

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