‘Attack On Titan: The Final Season’ Renewed For Part II

by Anna Lindwasser

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime of the past decade, and its final episode was set to debut on March 28th, 2021. On the same day that the final episode was set to be released, Studio MAPPA revealed that they were planning to create a second part.

One of the biggest questions on Attack on Titan fans’ minds has been how the series can possibly cover the series’ finale in just sixteen short episodes. Some thought that the true ending would come in the form of a movie, while others feared that it would simply never receive a proper ending.

Despite Attack on Titan’s extreme popularity in Japan and abroad, the sudden switch from Wit Studio to MAPPA has had many fans on edge, as has the fact that another wildly popular series, The Promised Neverland, recently received a confusingly truncated second season. Luckily, MAPPA seems to be giving the series the space it needs to wrap up properly.

So far, the details about Part II are scant. We know that it will debut in Winter 2022, but the final episode count has yet to be revealed. Will it be everything the fans are hoping for? Only time will tell.

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