Review: ‘Cable’ #9 Experiences A Day In The Life On Krakoa

by Tony Thornley

Only one person could send Cable into a rage filled spiral. Only one enemy has ever vexed him on the level of his twisted mirror, his twin. With the end of the series in sight, it’s time for Cable to bring Stryfe to justice…

It’s a transition issue unlike any other. Young Nathan Summers’ tale has entered its third act, and it’s a new twist on a familiar story. The issue was created by Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, and Joe Sabino.

Cable is restless. He knows that Stryfe has set a plan in motion, but he has no idea what that plan is. He has no idea where Stryfe is. And the clock is ticking. Can he find him before time runs out or will the mutants of Krakoa see their nation end before it truly begins?

Duggan and Noto tell a handful of vignettes that do two things really well. The best part of that is that one of them is so subtle that you may not notice it. It’s an issue that shows the strength of these two as not just individual creators and as a team of storytellers.

For Cable, this is a story of this young man desperate to hunt down one of the most horrific foes he’s ever faced. In fact, at this point in his life, he’s one of two terrible evils. Duggan has him bounce around Krakoa and to his closest allies with growing desperation. Noto shows that desperation perfectly, culminating in a fist fight between Nathan and one of Stryfe’s former lieutenants that’s the best action sequence Noto’s drawn in years. His colors throughout the issue also set specific tones for each visit too, which helps in the growing desperation. Sabino’s letter work is straightforward, but he does a fantastic job at drawing the reader through the story.

However, readers might be so focused on Cable’s journey that they might miss that this is a slice of life tale of what life is like now for the X-Men. For Wolverine, it’s not all that different- Cable interrupts a fairly typical Wolverine story. For Illyanna, it’s not just training Krakoa’s youth, but also serving as the queen of Limbo (with an absolutely hilarious twist at the end). Even Wildside, a character who’s hardly appeared for the last thirty years, gets a moment of peace that doubles as character development for someone who’s never really had it. It’s a subtle touch, but by far it’s my favorite thing about this issue.

However, Cable now only has a short time to put a stop to Stryfe, and these two great storytellers are going to make sure it’s a hell of a ride.

Cable #9 is available now from Marvel Comics.


Young Cable continues to get better and better. In this incredibly humanizing chapter we see a desperate young man grasping at straws as he tries to track down his greatest enemy while racing through a day in the life of Krakoa’s citizens.

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