Review: Even Superman Can Fall In ‘Action Comics’ #1029

by Tony Thornley

Every child has to eventually learn that their parents are not indestructible. In Action Comics #1029, Superboy himself discovers that’s even true for him…

The future of Superman is closer than anyone may realize. This issue points Clark and Jon Kent in the direction that future is going to take them. It’s an adventure for generations from Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, Hi-Fi, and Dave Sharpe.

Superman and Superboy find themselves face to face with the other dimensional monsters from the most recent issue of Superman again. However, this time, Clark may be in over his head. Can Jon save his father and the world?

Johnson creates a fascinating dynamic between the Kents here. I’m still not a fan of older Jon, but here Johnson gives him the strongest motivation that he’s seen since his aged up. He doesn’t feel like he could take over for his father right away, but he’s set up for the journey to come. It’s a distinct tone that stands out in a way that shows this series isn’t going to be just the younger generation taking up his parent’s mantle.

Hester and Gapstur do some cool things that create a visual reflection of the Superman issue that immediately preceded this one. Some scenes are lifted and remixed from Hester’s work two week ago. It gives the issue some urgency while they also illustrate other great action scenes. They can also give the silent or quiet moments equal weight in the story that’s being told. 

Hi-Fi’s colors are bright, and makes sure that the action is clear throughout the issue. Sharpe’s work is also an essential supporting player, turning a fairly exposition heavy story into something more meaningful. 

The stage is set for a new era in the life of the Man of Steel. This opening arc was a thrillride, but it also hit the character moments that Superman needs to thrive. Its a great start for this new era.

Action Comics #1029 is available now from DC Comics.


The set-up for Superman’s new era concludes here. It goes in an unexpected direction, that points to an interesting future, both near and distant for the Man of Steel.

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