‘Ultraman’ Writer Mat Groom Launches New Tokusatsu Superhero Graphic Novel ‘Inferno Girl’ On Kickstarter

by Olly MacNamee

Mat Groom clearly loves Japanese tokusatsu superheroes. Not only is he currently wiring Marvel’s Ultraman comic book series but today he launches his own creator owned title, Inferno Girl Red:

“We all need something to believe in. Especially Cássia Costa. An ancient cult and their army of demons have stolen Cássia’s home, Apex City.  When a magical dragon bracelet rockets into her life and affixes itself to her arm, Cássia’s the only person equipped to stop the cult from offering the entire city to their dark lord. There’s just one catch…

The magical bracelet is powered by belief, and Cássia — an intensely pragmatic, rational girl – doesn’t have much to spare. She’ll have to find something to kindle her faith, though, and fast —because she has a secret legacy to live up to. Because her mother’s life is on the line. And because Apex City needs Inferno Girl Red.”

Think Mighty Morphin Power Rangers meets US superhero teen drama and then add a does of Harry Potter into the mix,  and you’re on the right tracks.

Joining him on art duties in newcomer Erica D’Urso with Igor Monti on colour art and Becca Carey on letters, Mat is also joined by fellow tokusatsu Kyle Higgins, who’ll be editing the 100 page graphic novel has his own Japanese flavoured series riding high at Image Comics, Radiant Black.

As ever there are plenty of cool rewards for all the various pledges in offer from the very affordable (for AU$13 you can just grab a digital copy) to the more luxury priced pledges (AU$ 1,932 will get you the original art by Nicola Scott for her Inferno Red Girl print; although I notice that one’s already been swiped up). You’ll even get a preview of the book too. So, check out the campaign page here and then come back round here tomorrow when we talk exclusively with Mat Groom all about this new project, already doing well on its first day as I type these words.

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