‘Killtopia’ To Become A TV Series With A Unique Unreal Engine Connection

by Erik Amaya

The cyberpunk graphic novel series Killtopia is on its way to becoming an animated television program with a unique twist.

BHP Comics announced on Tuesday that it has optioned the comic’s television rights to transmedia startup Voltaku. The graphic novels, by Dave Cook and Craig Paton, tell the tale of Shinji, a young man trying to save his sister, and Crash, the world’s first sentient mech, as they are hunted as fugitives by Wreckers — people who hunt mechs for money, fame, and glory — android killers, and Yakuza gangs in a Japanese megacity of the future.

The television series, to be written by Phil Gelatt (Love Death & Robots, Europa Report, Rise of the Tomb Raider) and directed Ruairi Robinson (Fifty Percent Grey, The Leviathan, The Last Days on Mars), will use the Unreal Engine and virtual production techniques to realize that futuristic megacity and all its denizens. All of the eight 20-minute episodes will deploy the game engine in a novel way. The project even has an Epic Games Epic MegaGrant to aid in the development of the new Unreal production system.

Voltaku CEO Charles Borland said in a statement, “Game engines are giving studios a flexibility we’ve never seen before … When we option a project, it doesn’t have to stop with a movie or a TV series anymore. We can take our 3D production assets and build a game, VR/AR experiences, marketing materials, digital goods, basically anything we want, at Lion King or Avatar-like production levels. And that’s exactly what ‘otaku’ are looking for — more ways to engage with the worlds they love.”

“When Killtopia launches, it’s going to look like nothing that’s been seen on TV before,” added Cook. “Our world is garish and vibrant, where hype, fandom and pop culture rule the day, which is the perfect launching pad for big stories. I’ve always wanted to see something so colourful and abstract depicted in a 3D world. With Voltaku’s help, I think we’re going to blow people away.”

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