Bad Idea To Sell ‘Caligula’s Safe’ #1 For Just Twenty-Four Hours This May

by Olly MacNamee

Every specially selected store allowed to carrying Bad Idea comics will soon be receiving a batch of new books for Caligula’s Safe, featuring a character simply called Hank Howard, Pizza Detective. No cover, no interior art whatsoever, and certainly no hint of who Hank Howard is, other than he hunts pizza for a living, it would seem. Just this:

Caligula’s Safe will be a 16-page comic by Robert Venditti and David Lapham and will match any orders stores had previously put in for their debut comic, ENIAC #1. And costing just a buck!

But, ever the friendly dictator, Bad Idea are ordering all stores to sell this new comic for just 24 hours, starting on May 12th. With any unsold copies to be “forbidden from sale and must be returned to BAD IDEA HQ using the materials we provide.”

Maybe yet another Bad Idea comic to be quickly flipped on eBay do you think?

Olly MacNamee

A unashamed DC Comics fan and sometime teacher for over 20 years! I got lucky and found the escape hatch. Now, I just read and write about comics all day long. Co-host of the ICE-Cast podcast and one third of the brains behind Birmingham's street art and graffiti festival High Vis Fest.

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