Tactical RPG ‘Lost Eidolons’ Coming In 2022

by Sage Ashford

Lost Eidolons is the debut title from Ocean Drive Studio, and appears to be a combination of the strategy RPG elements of a Fire Emblem with the art design of classic Western RPGs.  Making it’s first appearance at the ID@Xbox Gaming Showcase, Lost Eidolons offers a new world to explore called Artemesia.  What stands out about the title is the ability to switch between the expected grid-based combat and managing individual units outside of battle to set up for fights in future chapters.  Ocean Drive’s website describes Lost Eidolon’s story:

This is the story of the mercenary Eden who’s been tangled in a ploy to reclaim the empire’s throne. Take up your arms, choose your allies, and stake country and man in the struggle for freedom.

The title will launch on PC as an Early Access title in 2021, but launch for consoles and PC in 2022.

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