Art For Art’s Sake # 98: Na Na Na Na – Ratman!

by Richard Bruton

What month is it? Seriously? Already? Wow… if your brain is anything like mine right now and getting out of bed to get back into the same old sloppies is your day-to-day, take heart.. it’s not going to last forever… is it? Is it? IS IT? Please, please, let it end…

Okay, back on track. Whether you’re in lockdown or can move about, things are still way different from how we’d want them to be. But we will get back to normal. We Will!!! But, in the meantime, how about a little bit of gorgeous artwork…

Steve Dillon classic Dredd from Block Mania

Alan Davis – X-Men on a break

Two old ones from Bill SienkiewiczThe Amazing Spider-Man #295

And an old Dazzler by Bill Sienkievicz

Frank CiroccoAlien Legion: Slaughterworld cover, 1991

Classic Joe Kubert cover for The Unknown Soldier #268

Gorgeous bit of Liam Sharp Green Lantern

Paul Gulacy Batman #393

Rachael Smith – Doctor Who

Jon J Muth Batman x2

Lovely Phil Noto Cable cover

Fred Hembeck commission/ re-work of Captain America #291

Elektra by Dike Ruan

Mick McMahon – a stunning bit of McMahon from Doctor Who Monthly in 1981 – Junkyard Demon, inked by Adolfo Buylla.

Fifteen years later, writer Alan Barnes and artist Adrian Salmon created a sequel, which appeared in the 1996 Doctor Who Yearbook. (You can read the whole thing here.)

And we’ll end this week with a bit of a forgotten thing from Jean Girard/ Moebius. Published in 1995 in issue #7 of Penthouse Comix, this is Moebius’ Ratman, absolutely nothing to do with Batman at all, nope, completely not Batman.

Penthouse Comix was a strange, short-lived thing that came out of the men’s magazine, but for a short time in the 90s it was publishing some incredible artists, most likely because it paid better than anywhere else. At its best, it had this sort of thing, because anything from Moebius is well worth a look…

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