AfterShock Announces Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip Adventure ‘Beyond The Breach’

by Olly MacNamee

Beyond the Breach is the newest series to be announced by AfterShock Comics. And the newest post-apocalyptic road trip to fellow the likes of Undiscovered Country and Nocterra. What is it with the sudden popularity of this particular sci-fi sub-genre all of a sudden? And, will this one be different enough to find fans?

Well, given that it’s written by Ed Brisson, I have complete faith. Accompanying him on the new series is artist by Damian Couceiro, colour artist Patricio Delpeche and letterer Hassan Otsmane Elhaou. Here’s the regular cover as well as the synopsis for the series to help you get a better idea of what differentiates this book from the other I’ve mentioned:

“Life sucks for Vanessa. Her mother just died and her boyfriend is cheating on her (with her own sister!). To clear her mind, Vanessa is taking the California road-trip that she’s been dreaming about for years. Her postcard-perfect drive through old growth forests quickly turns when THE BREACH hits. A bizarre anomaly in the sky plunges California into a nightmare-world populated with strange, extra-dimensional creatures. Now Vanessa, along with Dougie, an orphaned child, and Kai, a strange, fuzzball of a beast, must fight to survive if they ever hope to make it back home. If there’s even a home to return to.”

Even better, AfterShock Comics have provided a mini-interview offering would-be fans more information on the conception, evolution and maturation of this new series to really sell them on this new sci-fi saga, courtesy of Brisson himself:

Brisson on what the book is about and why he is excited for it to come out:

“The book follows the fall out of a cataclysmic event, called THE BREACH, that knocks the population of earth unconscious. When they wake, they find that all electronic devices have been rendered useless and huge swathes of the planet overwritten with alien landscapes and creatures — creatures both friendly and deadly. Our protagonist, Vanessa, had hoped to embark on a weeklong road-trip along the California Coast. Her mom has just passed away and she just discovered that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her own sister. Things suck and this trip was supposed to be about her leaving her troubles behind and seeing redwoods and old-growth forests, but instead, she finds herself plunged into a nightmare world of human-eating aliens. Vanessa, along with a small group of survivors — a small child and a dimensionally-displaced fuzzball — set out to find out what the hell happened and if there’s any way for them to undo it. As the series unfolds, we’ll meet more dimensionally displaced survivors as they embark on a journey to find answers. Every day brings a new threat and new answers. This is a story about finding family in the strangest of places and the most trying of circumstances. I’m excited to be working with Damian on a creator-owned project again. We’ve done a few things together at Marvel over the last few years, but it’s been about 4 or 5 years since he and have the opportunity to build our own world together. Thrilled to have Patricio Delpeche on board to grace us with his otherworldly colors and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, who I’ve been working with a lot lately.”

Brisson on some of his inspirations behind creating the book:

“The premise was one that just lodged itself in my brain one day and wouldn’t let go. Not sure that there was any specific inspiration. It was just one of those things that presented itself when I was supposed to be working on other things (as usual). Damian and I have worked on several projects over the years, generally grounded, crime-style stuff, but something I wanted to get back to was the fun time we had worldbuilding on our past series CLUSTER (Boom). Damian has an incredible ability to build up alien worlds and landscapes and I think we both wanted a project where we could showcase that. So, is it a cheat to say that some of the inspiration came from having worked with Damian? I don’t care, I’m sticking with that answer. Beyond that, I wanted to lean into a lot of the fantastical movies I used to watch on VHS as a kid. So, there’s a little Time Bandits a little Beast Master a little Neverending Story. Readers might not recognize it in the comics, but it’s there in BEYOND THE BREACH’s DNA for sure. We wanted to create a book where we could explore other worlds and alien cultures without having to leave Earth.”

Now for that preview before Brisson gives us three good reason why we should pick up this new book:


“1) Tons of fun world-building featuring your favorite comic book characters — you just haven’t met them yet.

2) If you’re a fan of 80s fantasy flicks, but with a modern twist, then we’ve got just the thing you need.

3) We’re telling a story that the whole crew is very excited about and we just want to share that excitement with you.” 

Beyond the Breach #1 will be available Wednesday August 14th from AfterShock

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