Review: A New Beginning And Looking Back In ‘The Flash’ #768

by Tony Thornley

Barry Allen is ready for a new adventure. However, in the wake of Death Metal a new challenge has arisen: finding a successor to fill his enormous shoes. The Flash #768 shows that may be tougher than he realizes.

It’s a new start for the fastest men alive, as Barry and Wally West are reunited as the Flashes in the Infinite Frontier era. It’s a grand new start. It comes to us from Jeremy Adams, Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci, David LaFuente, Mike Atiyeh, Arif Prianto, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wands.

Wally West needs some time away from the red and gold, away from the Speed Force. In fact, he might be done with it all together. However, as Barry Allen and Wally West are about to learn- the Speed Force may not be done with him.

This issue is quite a mixed bag. On one hand, the dialogue is solid and the plot of the back half of the issue is enjoyable. Adams immediately gets the characters and the relationship between Barry and Wally. Though I’m definitely disappointed to not see much of the Flash supporting cast, like Linda and Iris, if he continues to write the characters this well, Adams will keep my attention. The idea of the Speed Force pulling Wally into it to perform repairs is pretty fun as well.

However, on the other hand, there are definitely strikes against it. From a continuity standpoint, the set up immediately throws aside the very interesting set-up from the Infinite Frontier one-shot. If there had been an implication that it would go this way there, it probably would have worked better. Also, the set-up of “one last _____” before retirement is so tired at this point that it almost turned me off to the issue.

On the art side though, I was impressed. Peterson and Atiyeh’s pages has a lot of energy. Peterson slipped back in an older style for him, drawing characters a bit more cartoony and fun energy. Santucci and Lafuente’s work sets the time jumps apart, and the both of them put in fun pages that help to tell the story, not just stave off deadlines.

If it can overcome some hurdles, this series will be at least a lot of fun. It’s the perfect tone and level of energy for the Flash, so we’ll cross our fingers to see how it goes from here.

The Flash #768 is available now from DC Comics


An interesting start to a new run that ends up a bit of a mixed bag. While the character work is solid, the plot is a bit cliched and tropey. The art is overall good though. If it overcomes some hurdles, this could be a very fun read for any Flash fan.

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