Snyder And Daniel’s ‘Nocterra’ #2 Sells Out And Gets A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

Image Comics has another sell-out success with Nocterra #2 by Scott Snyder and Tony S Daniel. Sold out at distribution level, Image is ordering a second printing available Wednesday, May 5th. Obviously the guys are stoked once again by the demand:

“We’re sincerely blown away by the enthusiasm you all continue to show for Nocterra! We promise you that we’ll do our best to thank you by making this the best book we can for as long as you’ll take this (twisted) ride with us. Just wait until you see what happens in issue 3… Truckers vs monsters vs serial killers forever!” – Scott Snyder

“We are so grateful for the enthusiastic response to Nocterra. When you leave other big projects on the table to take on the unknown, it takes a lot of belief in yourself and the project itself. Scott and I believe this will truly be a wonderful series that will build upon itself as time goes on and get cooler and cooler as we go. We also believe you, the fans, will love what we have in store for you as the series progresses. We get more excited with each issue, and when the first two issues sell out on opening day,  it really fills our hearts with gratitude and joy. Thanks for trusting us to deliver what Scott and I know is going to be an amazing ride for all.” – Tony S Daniel

Want to know more? Why not check out my review of issue #1 here and issue #2 here.

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