Review Round Up: All The Reviews From Last Week’s Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Another week has rushed by once again and another round of new reviews were posted by our ever-diligent team of reviewers. After their statutory one hour a day exercise we throw them back into their cages and feed them the comics they so desperately cry out for. It’s why we cover so many each and every week.

In Cell #1 we find that Tony Thornley has posted reviews for DC Comics’ Batman #107 here, The Flash #768 here and Marvel’s Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing here.

Over in the next cell we find Scott Redmond has managed to review Excalibur #20 from Marvel here, while his cell mate Brendan M Allen looked AfterShock’s Nuclear Family #2 here and Dark Horse’s Dead Dog’s Bite #2 here.

Benjamin Hall reviewed IDW’s Transformers Beast Wars #3 here and Rachel Bellwoar cast her eye over Garth Ennis’s newest series, Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal #1 from AfterShock here. Richard Bruton, meanwhile, looked at the collected Old Haunts from AWA Upshot here.

Cesareo Garasa, in Cell #4, gave us reviews for Image Comics’ Two Moons #2 here, Home #1 here and AfterShock’s I Breathed A Body #3 here.

James Ferguson took the time to give us his thoughts on two Spidey titles with Marvel’s Silk #1 reviewed here, and Amazing Spider-Man #63 reviewed here.

Finally, I reviewed DC Comics’ The Other History of the DC Universe #3 here, Strange Adventures #9 here and Marvel’s The Union #4 here too.

Another varied selection of titles then. Any on this list that you’re reading? And if so, do you agree or disagree?

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