The Tom Paterson Collection Cover Revealed!

by Richard Bruton

Back in February, we told you about the slate of Treasury of British Comics releases for 2021, including a new collection of the best of Tom Paterson – but now we can show you the final cover…

The Treasury of British Comics Presents: The Tom Paterson Collection


The Tom Paterson Collection will be released on 25th November 2021, available as a standard hardcover and webshop exclusive hardcover with another, as yet unreleased, cover by Tom Paterson.

Scottish artist Tom Paterson is one of the most inventive and influential cartoonists British comics have produced. Inspired by the work of George Martin, Leo Baxendale and Ken Reid, Tom’s work went on to develop into a wonderful style all his own, packed with visual comedic gags and giving each strip, new and old, that he worked a classic style that’s immediately recognisable and always raises a laugh.

You know… like this…

This collection features some of Tom’s outstanding work for IPC/Fleetway from titles like Buster, Whoopee!, Jackpot, Whizzer & Chips and Oink! amongst others. Included in the book alongside the comics are quotes from Paterson and plentiful extras, all done with the production values that mark out all of these Treasury of British Comics releases.

Discovered at 16 by original Dandy editor, Albert Barnes, after seeing Paterson’s samples, Paterson began work on leaving school, going on to become an essential part of so many classic British comic characters for nearly 50 years.

Paterson’s work continues to shine bright to this day, with new material from the classic strips coming in the Treasury of British Comics Cor!! & Buster Specials of 2019 and 2020, where he contributed both ‘Sweeney Toddler’ and ‘Grimly Feendish’ strips.

No word yet on what will be in the collection, but you can expect material from some of the classic strips he’s worked on over the years, including ‘Buster’, ‘Sweeny Toddler’, ‘Grimly Feendish’, ‘The Numskulls’, ‘Bananaman’, ‘Dennis the Menace’, ‘Minnie the Minx’, ‘Bash Street Kids’, ‘Roger the Dodger’, and so many more.

The cover above replaces the classic Judge Dredd image initially included with the announcement of the book…

And that was a mocked up cover based on the image from this classic Paterson cover…

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