Announcing Keldor: Mondo’s Newest ‘Master Of The Universe’ Collectible Figure

by Olly MacNamee

Mondo are releasing their latest Masters of the Universe figure tomorrow featuring Skeltor as you may not have seen him before:

“Long before he became Skeletor, he was known as Keldor. Once high royalty, the brother of King Randor and uncle to Prince…ADAM! This Keldor Figure showcases both his original appearance and his transformation into Skeletor.”

That’s right, Mondo are bringing fans a new collectible action figure featuring Skeletor’s “two famous blades, blasters, a mid-transformation skull, the acid vile that wounded him, and finally, the Alcala Skeletor head.”

So, you can display hm as Skeltor or Keldor. Or switch round every week or so?

Designed by Tommy Hodges, Mara Ancheta and Florian Bertmer, this collectable figure will be available for pre-order on their web store at $185, with more details to drop when the pre-orders open up. After all, they make no mention of a Mondo exclusive, which usually has an added accessory or two for those die-hard fans.

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