Preview: Discover Your Own ‘Better Place’ This August From Top Shelf

by Richard Bruton

Better Place brings you a boy’s-eye view of grief and a loving tribute to comic books, coming this August from Top Shelf Comix.


Better Place comes out from Top Shelf Comix in August and looks like it could well be a cracking all-ages graphic novel. Writer Duane Murray and artist Shawn Daley tell their debut tale of a boy who’s not sure he’s ready to grow up in this touching and powerful graphic novel.

In Better Place, we meet young Dylan, who just moved to a new house, away from his friends, with a mom too busy to find time just for him. In the past, he always had his Grandad and together, in the worlds of their imaginations, they were Red Rocket and Kid Cosmo.


But now Grandad’s gone – to ‘a better place’ according to his mom, meaning that Kid Cosmo’s all alone, a sidekick without his hero. So, what’s a sidekick to do? Well, if you’re Kid Cosmo, you’re going to set off on your own epic adventure to find Grandad in his Better Place!

You can already feel those heartstrings being pulled with this one. Top Shelf are promising we’re going to be reading something:

“Crafted with layers of emotion and sympathetic characters, including some childlike adults and some awfully mature kids, this book is a celebration of vintage comic-book imagination, a harsh dose of reality crashing against that fantasy, and a roadmap to reconnecting with the things that really matter.”

Alongside Duane Murray and Shawn Daley, Better Place will feature guest art from Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, Nate Powell, and more!

Now, check out the special advance preview of the first seven pages of Better Place below!

Better Place by Duane Murray and Shawn Daley – Published in August 2021 by Top Shelf Comix.

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