Krakoa’s Heroes Stand Revealed In July’s ‘X-Men’ #1

by Tony Thornley

In the wake of last summer’s X of Swords, Cyclops and Jean Grey made a bold proclamation. They would be reforming the X-Men as the heroes of Krakoa, and mutantkind would be electing them. This morning, that team stands revealed for July’s X-Men #1.

As announced last week, Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz are reuniting for X-Men #1 featuring the team voted on by the residents of Krakoa (and in one case, the fans!). Now, with July solicits on the horizon, the full team stands revealed, and there’s some surprises on the cover. And I’m not talking about the four-armed monkeys with guns.

X-Men #1 Cover by Pepe Larraz

We knew about Cyclops and Marvel Girl leading the team. We also predicted Wolverine (though WHICH Wolverine was a pleasant surprise). However, the remaining four spots are all welcome surprises. 

Anna LeBeau- AKA Rogue- is probably the least surprising of the bunch, considering how well Duggan wrote her in the past and her prominence in the franchise. Everett Thomas, the former Generation X member called Synch, has spent most of this century, well, dead, but after his return to prominence in the Krakoa era, this seems like a natural next step. Shiro Yoshida- AKA Sunfire- is most prominently known for quitting the original All-New, All-Different X-Men, but his recent appearance in SWORD made it clear that he was meant for something big on Krakoa. And last but certainly not least, fan vote winner Lorna Dane- AKA Polaris- is a stalwart of the franchise, and after spending some time in X-Factor she’s in the best place she’s been in for years as she transfers teams.

As for the plot of the series itself, well, we don’t know yet. But looking at Larraz’s cover, it definitely seems that some weird science is afoot, which could link up with the killer organization known as Orchis.

Watch for more information about the series when solicitations hit in the next week and pick up X-Men #1 this July.

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