Mad Max Meets Stand By Me, In Space: Previewing ‘The Traveler’

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics has announced a new epic, world-spanning adventure that’s part Mad Max, part Stand By Me, in space. Written and drawn by Sam Moore, The Traveler has elements of a road movie, a coming-of-age tale, otherworldly travel, and a food show.  It’s the story of an average joe, trying to survive in a world that’s 100% not average and 150% not Earth.

‘After a freak work accident involving a fishing boat, a supposedly non-existent sea creature, and an interdimensional gateway, anxiety addled Harry Blandford finds himself stranded on the far off world of Flogoria. All Harry has to do now is survive long enough to find a way back home.

Whether he’s fighting off badlands bandits, trying to sneak past a nest of Snark Dragons, learning how to fire a Zarboogian Nork Rifle, or just trying to order lunch at a Flogorian restaurant, nothing is going to be easy for Harry Blandford.’

“I’ve had the world of The Traveler in my head for a long time. It’s a world that I would think of when I couldn’t sleep, a place that I would daydream about when I was supposed to be working,” says Moore. “I would think about what would happen if I suddenly found myself on an alien world. Could I eat the food? Would the underwear fit me? Do they have karaoke? You know, all the important stuff. I can’t thank the awesome people at Scout Comics enough for helping me get this story out of my head and onto the page.”

The ashcan preview of The Traveler is currently available for sale here.

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