Preview: The Gang Squares Up Against Trolls In ‘Orcs!’ #3

by Brendan M. Allen

Cartoonist Christine Larsen’s six chapter mini, Orcs!, reaches its halfway mark this week. Aimed at fans of The Adventure Zone and Critical Role, the series centers on a band of misfit Orcs who set off into the great, wide Known World in search of glory and gold but find that the real treasures were the friends they made along the way.

‘Bog, Pez, Zep, Utzu and Gurh are off on their own, out in the Known World, and fending for themselves for the first time, which is GREAT! After all, what numbskull would mess with a pack of Orcs?!

Well, hunger might. Or enchanted mushrooms. And, of course, there are folks out in the Eerieasallhel Forest who are even bigger, stronger, and more bloodthirsty than Orcs are… like Trolls? Luckily, Orcs aren’t exactly known for fighting fair!’

Take a look at the extended preview below.

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