Aphra And Sana Search The Outer Rim For A Hyperdrive In ‘Star Wars: Doctor Aphra’ #6 Preview

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: Joshua “SWAY” Swaby

Written by: Alyssa Wong
Art by: Minkyu Jung

“LOST TECH! CRIME SYNDICATES! ASSASSINS! DOCTOR APHRA and SANA STARROS’ search for the NIHIL HYPERDRIVE gets deadlier as GENERAL VUKORAH and THE UNBROKEN CLAN enter the race for possession! What powerful secrets of the HIGH REPUBLIC era could the lost technology hide? Meanwhile, JUST LUCKY and an old flame are forced to work together — and walk straight into an ambush!”

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #6 is out Wednesday 21st April from Marvel

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